Session 2 - Into the DeathGate

leaving so soon?

So after some additional discussions and investigations, the group decides to spend a month of time investing on preparing for their trip through the DeathGate.

A portion of that time, Xar is absent, having gone back into the Labrynth to attempt to find and save some additional Patryn.

During that month, the party accomplishes the following things:

  • Arundl enchants a boatload of magic items
  • Otoc fills up one of the local builds with a lot of rope. Literally fills it up
  • the group learns about the 'boat' that is being provided them to travel through the DeathGate
  • They get a 'shelter' built on top of the boat
  • They learn as much as they can about the history of the universe, the labyrinth, the nexus and the sundered world.
  • They learn how to use the controls to steer and navigate the boat

Eventually Xar comes back, asks how the prep is going, and then shows up for the launch. He talks through some of the concerns that the group has like..

What's on the other side? (he doesn't really know)

Why does he think they will live if they go in? (not clear.. confidence in their ability to survive. summoned animals did not. The DeathGate was designed for travel between the worlds according to his studies)

The group launches and they enter the gate.. some kind of gravity effect crushes things that move outside of a 'tunnel' that the ship and the party are travelling in. But it does not force the boat to stay in that tunnel, so it takes more concentration than expected to navigate the boat. There is also some kind of gravity in effect that pulls 'down'.

 They discover it would be 'very bad' to go outside of the safe-tunnel, when fruit they through and summoned animals get squished once they get too far away from the boat.

After an hour, the pinprick of light that was the nexus side disappears, the side and surroundings are totally black. But something keeps things lit on the boat so they can see each other. Some kind of sourceless ambient light.

After 8 hours, nothing new has happened, but they start taking turns and shifts piloting the boat.

After 14 hours, they start seeing small lights way up ahead.. after another hour of travel these break up into smaller pinpricks of light that seem to be scattered around the 'space' they are traveling towards. These soon reveal themselves to be spheres of electricity.

It becomes apparent that one of the sphere is going to come very close to the boat in the direction it is travelling. most are far away.

When they think they are 30 minutes from the close sphere, a pinprick of light directly in the center of their travel appears and is different than the others. They believe it is the other side of the DeathGate. They will reach it 30 minutes after they pass the sphere, if what happened at the entrance holds steady on this side.

As they get closer to the sphere, Otoc tries to through an apple into it, but misses by a mile. Then they shoot an arrow at it.. and some kind of electric snake looking things comes out and starts investigating their boat at a distance.

After a couple of rounds of investigating the boat, the party shoots arrows at it and then it attacks the boat and then the party. The snake gets too close at one point, and gets smacked around, so it goes under the boat and starts to seriously damage the boat (which they didn't think could be damaged).

As the boat becomes harder and harder to steer, some Lightning Mephits show up to join the attack on the boat. Otoc braves hides in the shelter during most of the fight. The party manages to dispatch them quickly, but the main threat of the snake attacking the bottom of the boat continues.

Things getting desperate, Arundl ties himself to a rope and swings under the boat to try to attack the snake, being held by Otoc. After hitting the snake one time though, it just moves out of range of Arundl and keeps attacking.. a part of the boat starts to break apart.

Piloting the boat now is extremely hard, and the boat and the party are frequently dirfting out of the safe zone and are crushed and damaged.

The tiger goes into the keel of the boat, and swipes at the snake, which is now reachable since a part of the boat has fallen apart. After getting hit the additional time, the lightning snake thing flies away, but the boat is still badly damaged.

the boat continues to veer off course, and causes party members to get crushed and even fall unconscious. But they are awakened, and wind up buffing the ranger enough to keep the party able to pilot for the last leg of the journey, out of the DeathGate.

And into something worse!

They findthemselves near the center of a giant maelstrom, being buffeted and thrown about by winds and rain and hail. Above them appears to be a giant floating island.. miles in diameter with other smaller islands around it and under it.. some apparently chained to the main island. 

They pilot towards one of the smaller chained islands.. but the winds and rain prove too much, and they are unexpected tossed and the boat smacks into the island. Some of the party are thrown over 50 feet across a gap to a larger island, but some are stuck on a smaller one that appears chained to the big one.

Their boat (or what is left of it), is caught, stuck in the chain that connects the islands. Being damaged as the giant landmasses move and pull against the chain.

Additionally, what appears to be a dwarf comes running down a ledge from above, yelling at the party on the smaller island asking if they need help. He speaks with a deep accent, but can be understood.

The group on the same island (Arundl, Otoc and the tiger), hide behind an illusion, and are tempted to push the dwarf off into the Maelstrom as he looks over the edge, but decide not too.

Eventually they reveal themselves to the dwarf, who introduces himself as "Limbeck", and looks like he is totally in awe.. asks if they are "gods". (I don't remember how/if the party responded to that)

As the party stands up and gets itself righted and tries to understand where they are, clockwork creatures come out of the holes that the chains disappear into on both islands. They ignore the party expect when they get too close to the chain. They appear to be working on the chain, trying to dislodge the boat, greasing up the chain, doing whatever they need to to make it 'work' again. Then two of the larger ones turn and face the party.. eyes start glowing and a Sartan rune on their chests light up. 

The party backs off and the clockworks do not attack, but the chain basically winds up finishing off the job on the boat that the snake and the crash started. And the islands start floating away from each other.. but stabilize at between 80 and 90 feet apart.

We end with the party having gotten their own chain between the two islands, and figuring out how to get across. 



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