Pre-Game Background

The Final Gate

Vilous has the 5 of them holed up in a cave. They have been there for 2 days, watching and waiting. They are so close.

Just 100 feet between the 5 of them, and what looks like the final gate of the Labyrinth. Just 30 yards to the Nexus. To freedom! To an end to the hell that the Sartan put their people, the Patryn in, for the last thousand years.

Vilous is eager and excited, but 40 gates of running has taught him that the Labyrinth punishes those who get cocky or impatient. And so he insists on waiting. He is not going to let the Sartan's beast snatch away this victory right at the last moment.

The doors stand closed on the other side of the small channel, on the other side of the small open area. Tempting in their proximity..almost irresistible! But he will wait.. he demands they wait! They will see what the Labyrinth intends to do to them in its final push. He will not get caught and killed! Not now! 



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