Session 3 - A Helping Hand

With the threat of immediate death-by-clockwork devices removed, the party takes a few moments to assess their situation. Arundl looks around on the rock he's on, and the rest of the party figure out how to get everyone onto the same big rock.

Otoc takes a few moments to try to get some answers out of Limbeck, but is flustered by his answers which, though genuine, are non-helpful.

The threat of the surrounding storm picks up, so the party climbs/crawls/gets carried over Otoc's chain to get everyone onto the big floating island together, just before the storm gets obnoxious and super-threatening.

They head up on top of the big rock, and see that it is relatively flat on top.. about the size of a city block, and pock-marked with holes about 30 feet in diamter. Limbeck explains that those have been dug out by the KickseyWicksey which mines rocks like this one. And that we better get into one of the holes to get out of the full-brunt of the storm which is picking back up.  Taking a look up into the sky, they can see the metropolitan area sized floating island about 1/4 mile above them.. with some mechanical arms extending out of it towards other rocks below it. It is a very impressive sight.

So the party jumps into the hole with Limbeck, and spends some time discussing things like. The name of the world is "Arianus", and the big island above is called "Drevlin" where the gegs live. He talks about his rebel organization WUPP and how he was convicted of heresy and thrown off the island. About his girlfriend Jarre, and how they came up with a plan for his return, to show that the 'Mangers' have chosen him and to add renewed vigor back into their WUPP rebellion. 

Apparently most Geg's join WUPP with the goal of getting better pay, and fewer working hours. But Limbeck mostly wants to use it as a way for the Geg's to improve themselves. To take time to actually come together, to understand the KickseyWicksey and take their deserved place in the grander scheme of things instead of just serving the Welves. He explains how, when he was younger, he stumbled upon a crashed Welven dragonship that had dead Welves in it. And so he does not believe they are gods like the High Froman and Head Clark would have everyone believe. And that all Geg's have believed for generations.

Anyway, the plan to get back up to Drevlin involved him making a mark on one of the mining arms that will occasionally come down to the islands below. (like the one they are on). One of the WUPP dwarves that work in mining and refining will see it and send down a helping hand to rescue him. A helping hand being a mechanical transport device that is occasionally used to repair/fix a problem that the clockwork machines can't fix on their own.

He shows the party his piece of chalk he intends to mark the arm with. It has apparently not occurred to him that chalk probably won't stand up very well in the rain.

It also didn't occur to him that it will be challenging to approach the rapidly spinning mining arms while they are working to mark them.

During discussion about this problem, they also note that occasionally while the mining arms are coming down from Drevlin, they get struck by ambient lightning which makes them stop moving. At which point, some clockwork dudes seem to exit the arm and to something to 'fix it', before going back into the arm. And then the arm gets moving again.

Limbeck asks for the assist from our heroes in executing the plan to mark a mining arm so that WUPP will send down a helping hand.

After much discussion, and general fear of the clockwork dudes, they decide to use Otoc's infinite rope and tie a flag to one of the arms. They set themselves up around one of the mining holes that an arm is descending into and make it happen, after tying a cloth flag with an L written on it to the rope.

Well, as soon as the rope knot gets pulled tight around the mining arm, as predicted, the clockwork machines emerge and head on down towards the rope and flag. It takes the first one all of 2 seconds to 'snip' the rope, cutting it free of the mining arm.

At which point, Limbeck observes "Huh, didn't see that coming…"

Then Otoc rushes over and cold-cocks Limbeck so hard, that he starts bleeding out on the ground of the island.

Peeta responds differently by immedately loosing an arrow to pin the flag  into the hand of the mining arm. And succeeds! His arrow being shot hard enough and well enough that it actually sticks into the mining arm.

This, unfortunately has the result of having a whole bunch of clockwork dudes come out of the arm and start attacking. But, it also seems to have stopped the arm from ascending and moving.

2 types of clockwork spiders come out, 2 large ones and 5 medium ones. The one that was already down near the hand of the mining arm immediately moves to 'snip' the arrow off the arm, and the other 4 medium dudes, and the 2 larger dudes move in to fight.

The group recognizes these workers as the same types that appeared near the chain below.

The two big ones have a Sartan rune on their chest that glows, and do the vast majority of the fighting. During the course of the battle, they reveal themselves to have mythic abilities! To make things worse, the little ones mostly follow the big ones around healing them (or other damaged clockworks), or loosing nets on party members to entangle them!

So there is a big fight.. Celebrilad winds up going over and precenting Limbeck from bleeding out early in the fight. At some point, late in the battle, Limbeck gets an idea to climb onto the arm and try to scratch it with a rock. He needs to scratch it two times.

Once he gets the first scratch on, the surviving smaller robots start to move towards him. He doesn't notice. And then he succeeds on scratching it a second time, right as one of the mechanical beasties closes in right next to him! AAARGH! He runs away!

The party manages to stop the clockworks from repairing the scratches, and finishes them off. Once they are all dead, the arm starts retracting again up towards Drevlin. And several hours later, a large 'Helping Hand', which is a large glass bubble being literally carried by something that looks like a hand on the end of the mechanical snake descends to the island to pick them up.

Its a very tight fit, with the tiger included, but the group scrambles in and starts heading up to Drevlin!




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