Session 5 - Splitting the party!

Gods are trouble

  • WUPP Gegs and Froman-Gegs and Coppers all start getting into a ruckus, the WUPP Gegs are badly outnumbered
  • Alfred fainted
  • Bane and Hugh start getting pulled away, in the direction of the High Froman who makes a quick exit, stage right.
  • Limbeck and Jarre run out and start pleading at the Gegs to stop fighting. 
  • Arundl and Otoc decide to wade into the fray. It appears they seem to be trying to 'free' Hugh and Bane.. but Hugh and Bane don't appear to want to be freed, and let themselves get ushered away
  • Arundl and Otoc hurt a lot of Geg's, mostly Froman and Coppers
  • WUPP Gegs and Copper gegs stop their fighting long enough to assist the Gegs that Arundl and Otoc have injured
  • Though blocked by masses of gegs, Peeta and Tolm move towards the side of the building that Hugh and Bane are being escorted out of, and watch the general direction they are taken.
  • Limbeck gets caught up with the other WUPP members, as they retreat/get arrested by the Coppers and taken away in the direction of Hugh and Bane
  • Jarre just starts looking sad, and goes to attend Alfred, since no one else is helping him.
  • Arundl and Otoc hang out around the statue, and stop being up defenseless Gegs after it is clear they are retreating and that Hugh and Bane aren't looking to be rescued.
  • Peeta and Tolm tail the Coppers taking away the WUPPs, Limbeck, Hugh and Bane. (we'll come back to them later)
  • Alfred is revived by Jarre, and as he stands up appears to inadvertantly trigger something that opens up a set of stairs that decend under the statue. Celeb and the tiger fall in, but the tiger jumps out quickly and chases after Peeta.
  • Alfred doens't appear to notice what he did, and instead inquires after where Bane was taken and starts to walk after them.
  • Jarre seems interested/fascinated with the stairs.
  • Celeb gets caught in the hallway/stairwell when the hatch closes after just one round and explores a little bit. It appears to be some kind of Sartan structure. Sartan runes line up the hallway in front of him and where he's at.
  • Celeb can find no way to re-open the hatch
  • Arundl and Otoc mess around with where Alfred touched the base of the statue and manage to re-open the hatch.
  • Arundl, Otoc, Celeb and Jarre decend down the stairs as the hatch closes behind them


  • Peeta and Tolm quickly go back to the statue to see what's up and sync up with their friends, but they are gone. So they leave a note :)
  • Peeta and Tolm pass Alfred at the start of their journey tracking the coppers, and get his best guess of where they went. He guesses the copper station and heads off on his own to get there.
  • They track the coppers back to their station, after some misadventures involving and wooshy-woosh and a driver who clearly doesn't like Peeta. This probably saves them several hours walking.
  • Peeta and Otoc have no trouble entering into the holding cells/copper station, which appears to be a former set of large vats that resemble something like beer vats
  • They find most of the WUPP folks in one of the holding cells, and that Limbeck, Hugh, Bane and Alfred are in another. Alfred having gotten there ahead of them.
  • Peeta offers to rescue them. Hugh gives him a look that indicates he thinks Peeta is crazy
  • Hugh doesn't want out. Hugh wants off of Drevlin. The HIgh Froman said he's going to give them to the Welves when they come back in 2 days. And he wants to get on that boat.
  • Bane, after holding his talisman, confirms that he agrees that Hugh's plan to get off the island is the best.
  • Peeta doesn't think that's a great idea.
  • Hugh asks him if he has a better plan for getting off the island. It becomes clear he does not, and so Hugh resigns himself to waiting out the 2 days in his 'cell'. (The door is unlocked, he could leave whenever he wanted, as if the Gegs could really stop him)
  • Peeta and Tolm leave disgusted, and go get 'Lof' from the other cell to join them to find Jarre
  • By the time they get back to the statue, everyone is gone so they settle in to wait. Their note was still there.


  • Inside the Sartan hallways, they find a number of locked rooms. One looks like a lounge, some look like boardrooms with large tables and lots of chairs.
  • They find areas that look like they were designed as holding cells with no obvious ways in/out of their holding areas.
  • Some closets full of inactive spider-drones
  • They find one room with a large statue in the center, and an open window that takes up the entire far side of the room.
  • The window opens up into a large cavern, open at the bottom and appears to view down into the center of the maelstrom below.
  • At the ceiling of the cavern appears to be a large, inverted satellite dish.
  • When the group approaches the large statue, it lights up and intones, in a language they understand "Instructions?"
  • They ask it to unlock all the doors in the complex. 
  • The status responses with its eyes lighting up red, and several sartan runes along the walls of the room lighting up and glowing. It "Invalid Instructions. One attempt remaining"
  • They leave the room.
  • They eventually find another unlocked room, with what appears to be some kind of laboratory inside
  • When they enter, 2 guardians with green skin and long white hair that appear to walk several inches above the floor appear. They say "You are not authorized to be here, leave immediately"
  • They leave.
  • They find a doorway into what appears to be a set of living quarters, which they explore and find some loots. And a necklace with a Sartan rune on it. Arundl puts it on.
  • All of the locked doors appear to open for Arundl now.
  • They fight some overgown plant critters in one room
  • They fight some floating runes that come alive and try to put the party to sleep a lot in the board room. But thankfully, Arundl is immune to sleep which results in the runes being dispatched.
  • They another door to a set of stairs that decends deep down into the complex.
  • They try to go open the hatch they came in from, but find no way to do that.
  • They were trying to figure out what to do next, had decided that they want into the lab with the 2 guardians.. and we ended the session.



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