Session 8 - Drama on the high seas

  • The new captain of the ships appears to get things in hand over the next day
  • He insists that the group, for the most part, stay out of sight in order to avoid creating more issues amoung the crew.
  • He basically has everyone stay in the brig area, but the doors are not locked and there is no guard kept.
  • The party gets a chance to talk with the elven captain, away from Hugh about stuff and learns some things

    • Learns more about what was up with the old captain (he was an asshole remote elven royalty who got his job through nepotism, this was his first captaincy. )
    • Learns a little about the soul-capture of the old captain (only applies to elven royal bloodlines)
    • Captain relays his general concerns:

      • His ship is 'by default' part of the resistance now.
      • Other elven ships likely to attack if they are spotted
      • Humans will attack because they are elves
      • Probably still some crew members loyal to the old captain/elven royal family that are looking for a way to un-rebel themselves
      • Some chat occurs with regards to water, and Drevlin and elves and humans. it is explained that humans don't have flying ships.. their magic doesn't 'do' that. They can more-or-less control dragons. But dragons will NOT fly into the maelstorm. So it has been easily for humans to steal water from elves than to try to get water from below. (historically)
      • Plan is to go to an 'outlaw' dock, and let people off who want off. As well as the soul-mage.
      • Says Hugh talked him into taking Bane up to his dad to get some kind of reward, but we need to restock first, for supplies. Its a long trip, and as far as he knows, no one has ever flown a ship through the firmament up there.
  • There is an interesting conversation between Bane, Otoc, and Limbeck. Bane is looking for Otoc's thoughts on the war that Limbeck and his folk have started, and how he thinks the Gegs will fare.

    • Limbeck seems confused and taken aback. 
    • It gets explained that the lack of water resupply will likely cause a retalliation by the elves.
    • And the humans might get wind of the lack of new water and also head down there, causing more strife.
    • Wonders what the Gegs will do and how they will fare
    • Limbeck thinks this is a little preposterous and is sure, once he talks to the right people, that everyone will see reason and be able to come to an agreement of mutual understanding and respect.
    • Bane and Hugh (who was listening), and Otoc seem dubious
    • Limbeck comes away from that conversation very.. thoughtful and anxious
  • Arundl contacts Xar and gives an update

    • Xar starts to express interest in Bane, and his apparent affect on people around him and his dad. (Arundl does not tell him that the entire group is under the influence of Bane), might be a good 'mouthpiece' for him if he could be returned to him.
    • Xar also seems interested in making sure Limbeck returns to Drevlin to urge on the rebellion there.
  • A day or so later, while the group is hanging in the brig, a large commotion and alarms go off topside.
  • After a few moments, an elf runs down and says the captain is requesting the help of the party. The ship is being attacked by elven ships loyal to the king who consider them rebels.
  • The party splits up a little, some running up immediately, while others take a round or two to buff. 
  • Alfred holds Bane back, who wants to go up and watch.
  • When they get to the top, they see that 2 elven ships (smaller than this one) are attacking and boarding. The crew of this ship is fending off one of the ships, but the captain asks the party to take care of the other one.
  • Big fight ensues
  • Because our group manages to hold off the other ship, and kill their wizard, and make their captain and ship retreat, the crew manage to take out the other ship, causing it to 'sink' into the depths below.. burning on the way.
  • The captain says their fight was greatly complicated because some crew from his own ship turned and helped the other guys. They are gone now (he hopes). One of those traitors was the ship's main pilot. They now only have their backup pilot (and the captain who knows how.. but is not as good as a real pilot). That's enough to get them to the outlaw port.
  • The ship took some damage, but is mostly ok.


  • We end with the ship continueing on its way to the outlaw port.



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