Common Knowledge Patryn History

The arrogant Sartan broke the world, and through us into the Labyrinth to suffer for eternity.

Countless generations ago, the world was whole. Men, elves, and other mensch shared the earth with us, Patryn, and the imperious Sartan.

But the Sartan warred with us. Until our rise, the Sartan ruled easily over the world of the lesser races. But we rose up. We would not submit to their will, we would not allow ourselves to be subverted and they couldn't stop us! 

So they broke the world and imprisoned us in the Hell of the Labyrinth. Always dangling the hope of salvation, the Nexus, at its center, beyond the last gate!

Has anyone ever reached the Nexus? There are always rumors or course, but if someone had managed to reach the safety of Nexus, why would they ever come back? And if no one has returned, how could anyone know that one of us made it to the center?

Patryn lives are not measured in years, they are measured in Gates (translation: how many Gates of the Labyrinth have you made it through) Patryn, left to natual causes are very long lived, though you don't remember ever seeing a friend or family member die of old age. The Labyrinth having claimed every one of them.

(for the purposes of gaming, assuming 1 gate = 1 year)

In general there are two 'types' of Patryn, "Runners" and "Squatters". Squatters, consist of tribes that stay in one basic location inside the Labyrinth and try to hold it, and live there as best as they can. Runners the those that are trying to move forward through the gates to the center. To Safety. To the Nexus.

It is normal for Patryns to change roles several times throughout their lives. Runners become squatters to raise a family, or are just tired of running. Squatters, sometimes out of necessity or just choice, become runners. But some never change. It is not unheard of for Runners to drop off infants in squatter camps, to get raised by those who have more relative safety, while they themselves proceed on. And some, just never become Runners.

There is no ill-will between Patryn in these roles. There is no judgement against those who would run or those who would squat. Both are seen as choices, and important to the survival of the race.

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Common Knowledge Patryn History

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